Sunday, May 1, 2011

Journal Journey for

This simple composition book is going to be transformed into a custom journal.

This is the first coat of Gesso on the inside covers.  
Once dried, I applied a second coat of Gesso and then after drying again, I applied a coat of acrylic peach paint. 
I would love for you to follow me as I create 30 customs journals to donate to for their 2011 challenge.  As the process unfolds, I will share my thought and all the steps to complete them.  I do not know what they are going to look like yet, I just know they will all be original custom art work.  No two will be exactly alike.  I will be experimenting with a variety of techniques.  Tradition painting, mixed media, papercrafting, and possibly fabric.  I will post each step on my blog and announce when new blogs are up on my twitter and FB. 
My first experience creating this type of journal was for the if you check them out or look at some of my older blog posts, I have a photo of the journals that I donated, as well as knit slippers and dolls.