Tuesday, June 22, 2010

decisions, decisions

I have two blogs, http://bethscraftroom.blogspot.com/  and http://bethmegquier.blogspot.com/ because I wanted one for my things that I create, paint, photograph, etc to sell and one for writing.  Not sure why I thought I needed to separate them, it's all me, all creative and they are in the end all connected, who I am.    Then, recently, I realized how seriously I wanted to take my art and my writing and want to make them a full time profession, I've made the commitment, so am now thinking that it will be too much to keep two blogs going.  I even thought about two Etsy shops, because I have such a wide range of art that I like to create. http://bethscraftroom.etsy.com/ But that is just going to keep me all over the place.  And will keep my followers all over the place.  I started BethsCraftroom a couple of years ago because my craft room was my little space where my dreams slept.  I dreamed and created in that little room, keeping it all a hobby and making a small amount of play money.  I told myself and was told, be careful about how you put yourself out there.  Don't burn out.  Don't take a chance that if you take your art full time that it will become a only a job and you will loose the joy of creating, painting, etc.  I bought into that for a long time for many reasons.  But things are different now.  I've recently created a whole new life for myself and know in my heart what I need to be truly fulfilled and happy with peace in my heart.   So, it may be time to let Beth'sCraftroom go and forge ahead with http://bethmegquier.blogspot.com/ Yes, I've decided that's what I'll do.  It will take a bit of work to make the transition with my blogs and Etsy, but now is the time to do, while I'm still in the very beginning stages of this journey.

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