Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Beginnings and Hope

This was my first personal journal entry of 2011.

January 1, 2011 8:10am
Happy New Year! This is my year of renewal and moving on. This is my year to bring my Art Business to new success. This is my year to help the homeless, with passion and compassion. This will be a year of hope, change, new experiences, letting go of negative thoughts and behaviors that hold me back on every level of my life. I want this year to be the year that my writing is a routine part of my daily round, in my personal journals and my blog. I want this to be a year of intense creativity and a focus of calm intention. I want this to be a year of personal healing.
The dolls and slippers will be on their way to the http://www.pinkslipperproject.org/
Big shout out to Stephey Baker http://www.markedbythemuse.com/  and Kelly Rae Roberts http://www.kellyraeroberts.blogspot.com/  and http://www.etsy.com/
I stumbled upon Stephey's blog, because I stumbled upon Kelly Rae through Etsy, where I signed up for her new letter.   I can't remember how I stumbled upon Etsy, but I will be forever grateful.  And a big heart felt thank you to all the Flying Lessons classmates that keep me inspired and moving forward in so many positive ways.
I have a long way to go before I can quite my day job and become a full time Artist, but I know now that it will happen.   What I learned in Kelly Rae's ecourse has changed my life.

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  1. Hello! Thank you so much for the shout out! I am thrilled that you found a project that sparks your soul! Wonderful! You know I stumbled upon Kelly Rae as well. I purchased a journal w/one of her images on it. It said dream. I didn't bother to look at who the art work belonged to, I was content to have another space to capture all my ideas. I dedicate a book to each one (big idea) so it's east to keep track and cultivate. A few days later I stumbled upon a display selling some of her work and thought this looks familiar. I went home and sure enough, it was the same artist. Her website was on the back and so I gave a visit. I resonated with the part of her story where she decided to take action on her dreams. I felt I was being asked to recommit to mine. There were energies inside that wanted to be created and eager for me to allow those creations to take place. Then the book came out and I purchased it. I admit I did not read the whole thing, I got distracted by creating art my art again and for that reason I think I received the very thing I was intended to receive. Then the class came out and viola our paths crossed and so did so many others paths as well! Support and like-minded creative hearts were found and connect - this was the true blessing for me and my lil'take away from class. Very grateful for all the orchestration that took place in the universe bringing us all together through various serendipitous events. Have an inspiring day!