Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Creative Business Goals - week four

What is week four going to look like for me? My first thought is positive attitude. And that is because I can clearly see what has and hasn’t worked for me over the last three weeks. I tend to put more on my short term goals list than is realistically possible, so I set myself up for failure. That is going to change with week four. Most of my goals are going to stay in the medium and long term lists. I‘m going to attempt to make my short term goals list that more doable, less vague or project oriented. I will have only small, defined weekly goals. I purposely put “Take care of myself physically, emotionally and creatively” on medium and long term lists, for a visual positive reminder of how important that is for my success. For my weekly short term list, I will put specific tasks like walk with my sister to accomplish that. I changed up the medium and long term goal a bit, defined what I consider medium and long term. Last week I backed off my time spent on the internet. It was a good decision, but it’s an important part of the process, so I need to keep a steady online presence.

Short Term Goals - week 4

Twitter once a day

Blog once this week

FB once or twice week

Picture summer online class each day

@ home with Claudine Hellmuth 15 min - half hour each day

Buy flat long boards for craft room for more surface area to work on

Move storage bins around in 2nd bedroom/craft room, for work surface area

Goals for week 5

Medium Term Goals - things I would like to accomplish over the next 6 months

Take care of myself physically, emotionally and creatively

Keep connected on twitter, blog, FB

Organize art/craft supplies

Set up work surface and shipping area

Create lists:

Supplies to sell/set price

Type of things to sell/set prices

Future ideas

Resources for packaging, craft-art supplies, surfaces, etc

Log type of materials/paint color used on projects

Set up second Etsy shop


Business license


Accounting log/books

Sales tax exempt #

How to get published

How to sell designs


Online courses

Long Term Goals - things I hope to accomplish in the next year or two

Take care of myself physically, emotionally and creatively

Keep connected on twitter, blog, FB

Establish a website

Business plan

Calculate minimum income necessary to quit day job


  1. I totally agree with the idea that the "weekly" goals need to be VERY BITE SIZED to increase the success rate.

  2. the smaller my list is, the better i feel. if it's too long, i'm just a failure. and that is not the goal! :)

  3. Your list looks great!! Keep up the good work - and I agree about the online time. Sometime I feel guilty but it is needed.
    You look like you have a great balance - heres to a great week!