Monday, July 5, 2010

goals for week of July 5th (week 2)

This week I am going to mostly focus more on creativity than business and even as I write this, I feel tiny bits of guilt creep in, because I have so much to do for the business aspect of my Art business.  But I have been seriously neglecting the creative part, so I will comtemplate as I create this week on how I can find a happy rhythm and pace to accomplish both. 

1.  Do something with paint everyday.
2.  Write/journal everyday.
3.  Sort and do a bit of organizing with my craft/art supplies.
4.  Do a happy dance if some of my supplies arrive in the mail for my online class.
5.  Make do, if they don't.
6.  Share my creations in progress or complete on twitter, blog & facebook.
7.  Support and encourage my classmates (former & present)

That's it!
The photo is today's submission for my Picture Summer online class.  This is a glass of iced tea sitting on my outside metal table that has a whole in the middle and I photographed it from the bottom up, about half an hour ago.  It's as hot out as it looks.


  1. Great list, Beth! I think I will be doing the opposite this week and focusing on the business part. I am determined to get going on my website.

    I also read your post about your first-ever painting. I am so glad you got it back!! It is wonderful and such an important part of your history.

    Good luck with your goals this week.


  2. What a great positve list! I think I need to add a Happy Dance into my list too :-) Good luck this week!

  3. Celebrate this moment ... Happy Birthday!

  4. I love the goal-"do something with paint every day!"

  5. hi! i am a fellow flier taking claudine's class also... happy early birthday (i think you should celebrate the whole month)

  6. What a great set of fun goal. Love your happy dance goal!!

  7. i wouldn't have been able to figure out what that photo was- my guess would've been the top of an opened can of paint!! ?