Monday, July 5, 2010

This is the beginning of my painting of Owl's Head Lighthouse.  It being a long holiday weekend for me, I had the luxury of time and energy to settle down to some serious painting.  Until recently, most of my painting has been on a very small scale, so it was challenging to use larger brushes.  I can usually complete a small (miniature) painting in a few hours.   This size painting is going to take much more time and I need to practice patience and not get distracted with too many other projects until I complete it. (I'm also taking an online course to learn mixed media art)   I've been wanting to make the transition to a more tradition size canvas and then move to a really large canvas and then wall murals.  I've deperately needed to get a paint brush in my hand, and for quite sometime have let the distractions and responsibilites of everyday life get the better of me, so I hope this to be a new beginning of serious dedication to my art, whether it be tranditional, mixed media, decorative, sewing,  or photography.

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